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How sick is Mr. B?

It’s a story about an 8 year old boy named Maxwell who wanted to be a magician.

He learned magic from his neighbor who used to work as a magician & traveled all over the world to entertain people. Until a sudden incident happened to him.

Veronica Blake the author of this series, wanted to concentrate on the children’s reality & focus on issues such as cancer, incarceration, homelessness, etc.

At the beginning I read the story over 10 times to imagine the layout of all the scences so I can match the flow of the pictures with Veronica’s words. Then I did a brainstorming to how the characters will look like.

Thumbnails is a general idea of the written words, so when I started to draw each scene, I realized how much details I needed to visualize them & that was a challange!

Every single detail needed a lot of research so I can draw it perfectly. The house the backyard, the texture of the walls, the style of windows & doors, the style & colors of cloth the characters are going to wear, & the props they use in the scene. May be putting an idea is not simple, but when going through details, this was another journey that taught me the idea of determination & continuity.


“I remember when I was a kid I used to fill the last pages of my student notebook, with stories of my imaginary friends, who were simply stick figures. I wasn’t thinking how good or creative the characters should be, rather I was expressing my feelings & visualizing them.”