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Animation is one of my favorite studies. Although I haven’t yet animated a full character & all the videos below are about a bouncing ball, a pendulum& a ball with tail, but still the experience carried a lot of principles that I want to share.

I have studied the 12 principals of animation that Frank Tomas & Ollie Johnston talked about in The Illusion Of Life. The study included the planning process & applying each principal on a BALL “using Autodisk Maya”. The journey was amazing!. Because when ever I apply one of the principal on the ball I feel like “ WOW I can imagine anything an make it move”.


“When ever I begin a sketch I wait for a while & think, Why am I drawing it? What will I learn from drawing this object or this figure? By defining my composition, sketching it in outline, analyzing the object/figure into forms & basic shapes & see beyond its surface, I realize that I understood its existence & felt its essence.”